Sushmita Sen Defends Aishwarya against 'Weighty' Criticisms

sushmitha defends aishwarya

Aishwarya drew a lot of comments from several critics in the media for not losing weight after the birth of her baby. While many celebrities are lending their support to the actress to a great extent, Sushmita Sen, the former Miss Universe, has come forward to support the new mother with her own statement.

Sushmita, a mother herself (she has adopted two daughters) complimented Aishwarya for giving importance to family over career at this stage in her life. "I congratulate Aishwarya on the birth of her daughter Aaradhya. I think she is doing the right thing by taking out time to look after her daughter." she told Hindustan Times.

Sush also advised Ash, "She should stop reading what the media writes about her or her weight, and enjoy her life. I do the same. Even my weight was a topic of discussion in the papers a few weeks ago, but I just stopped reading them."